The Metroplex, literally, offers its residents a taste of the world. North Texans have an abundance of restaurant choices when it comes to authentic international fare like Italian, French, Chinese, Mediterranean, Japanese, Latin American, Asian and Cuban. These restaurants are dispersed throughout the Metroplex and are at the fingertips of all who live there.

In addition to the international cuisine, traditional Texas favorites are still sticking around. Mexican, barbecue, Southwestern and Tex-Mex eateries are still among the Metroplex’s top hot spots. North Texas is still the place to dine for the thickest, juiciest steaks and mouthwatering ribs—all marinated to perfection.

Menu of Dining
On one side of the Metroplex, Dallas’s upscale restaurants offer an array of international fares combined with cool atmospheres and rich décor. On the opposite side, Fort Worth “cowtowners” are notorious for their endless supply of down-home cookin’ barbecue, complete with finger-licking good sauces and true Southern hospitality.

The two are now coming of age, freeing themselves from these stereotypes. All 14 counties in the Metroplex, including the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, are swapping recipes with one another, creating a metropolis full of restaurants all wanting the most desirable menu and sought after atmosphere.

The Metroplex is now home to more than 10,000 restaurants. Why the abundance of eateries? The 9,286-square-mile area has to serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner to its more than 6.1 million residents.

Mixing Business with Pleasure
Businessmen and businesswomen in the 21st century do more deal making in their favorite restaurants than they have ever done before. They are closing accounts and brainstorming new campaign ideas, all while unlocking the real treasures of the Metroplex’s dining scene. Multitasking is definitely a must in today’s fast paced business world.

Whether taking the jetlagged out-of-towners to eat for their first meal in the city or planning a corporate luncheon for the employees, be sure to show off the Metroplex’s restaurant scene. It is impossible to go Guest Writer: Kimberlee Barbour wrong in an area that is comparable to nine states in size and offers such variety. Restaurants in North Texas cater to the needs of small, private dinner parties to extraordinary, in-house catered functions.

Whatever the occasion, nationally owned chains and local cafes readily open their doors to any kind of group festivity.

Only in Texas
While most everything is bigger in Texas, when it comes to restaurants, patrons look for quality, not size. Some restaurants are one-room private dining areas where the owners know their customers by name. The outstanding service and unique menus make these restaurants big in the eyes of Texans.

Texas proudly displays its lone star, but the restaurants in the Metroplex look for a little more. They strive to display five stars next to their name, going above and beyond the status quo. They succeed too, bringing world-renowned chefs to take residence in the Metroplex.